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Kids by the Numbers

Children improved an average of: 77% in cognitive development aptitudes, such as the identification of shapes, colors and opposites and counting; 89% in fine motor aptitudes, such as creating objects with Play-Doh and pencils; 81% in early childhood speech and language criteria, such as reciting multiple steps of stories and directions from memory; and 73% in early literacy skills, such as recognizing letters and basic words, and making story predictions. 

• Improves educational outcomes for disadvantaged students.

• Enhances the quality of life of seniors in our communities.

• Despite a decline in individual contributions, AART generated a modest gain for 2013.

In order to monitor the development of children during their tenure in the AART program, students are evaluated on 27 different qualities across the learning spectrum at the start of the program, and then re-evaluated at the end.

The 27 evaluation criteria are divided into four categories of early childhood learning skills: cognitive development; fine motor; speech and language; and early literacy.