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"Along with preparing young children for successful entry into school, I am impressed with AART's ability to mobilize an aspect of our workforce that is underutilized - the retired community through AART, retired individuals have the opportunity to create lasting relationships with under-served children, all while providing them with the foundation needed for long-term success in school. 

It is a Win Win situation."

                                                                                - John Wood, Chairman & CEO Telos Corporation

"I love working with children and I miss my grandchildren, so the AART program is the perfect volunteer opportunity for me.  AART is a great program and I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of it."

                                                                                     - Cascades Senior Center Volunteer

"I chose to support AART because the reality is that when you make an investment in a child to instill a life long love of  learning you are making an investment in that child for the long run and possibility keeping that child from a  life of hardship later."

                                                                                      - Alan Harter, Founder & Managing Director

                                                                                         Pactolus Private Wealth Management. LLC


"Thank you Signe Fredrich’s and all of Arts Herndon for the kind invitation!  The highlight, by far, was my time with the students – of every age. I visited Herndon High School and Herndon Elementary, plus a special off-site program that stole my heart. It’s called All Ages Read Together, which is housed at the Herndon Senior Center. It pairs senior volunteers with a group of off-the-chart adorable preschoolers. (See for yourself.) It seems like such a smart way to help little ones get ready for kindergarten, while also engaging our seniors meaningfully so that isolation doesn’t creep up on them."   ​For Meg Medina's Blog entry about AART Click Here.

                                                                                 - Meg Medina, Author

​​​​​​A Child Ready for School will Succeed in school.

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"The AART program is the best that I found for my son to get ready to go to school. He has developed better with exposure to more children and teachers, and he has learned English and the letters of the alphabet and more. Thanks to the teachers for their time and patience with our children." 

                                                                                 - Cristina A., Parent of AART Student

"One thing I like is that as the year progresses, the teacher looks at the strengths and capabilities of the children and adjusts the day’s activities to that. Some children learn at a faster pace than others and the program is able to make sure that each child in the class is getting the focus needed. I also think one of the best things AART does is to provide the children with a new book each week. As someone who loves to read, I hope those books will generate that same love of reading to these children."  
                                                                                 - Pat B., Fairfax County Volunteer